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We have a dedicated team of world renowned farriery educators and researchers. In addition to producing course materials our tutorial team, each with their own area of specialism, will act as personal tutors and mentors for students enrolled on our courses or seeking higher certifications or examination.

Along side this team a number of affiliate tutors who specialise in specif modules such as the use of modern materials or fabrication and welding contribute course materials and guidance wherever necessary.

Our Instructors

On site and online instructors, including world renowned farriers and educators, doctors,  professors and associates. 

Mark N. Caldwell


Kelvin Lymer


Paul Conroy

BSc (Hons). AWCF

Peter Peers


Richard Marsh

Associate, WCF

Neil Madden

FWCF Class1

Michael T. Savoldi

Professor Emeritus

Student Testimonials

Our students, who  practice farriery all over the world, speak for themselves.

I have been to a number of lectures and clinics by Dr Mark Caldwell, Over the last 5 years, the most recent One was late last year. They have been very useful as thay are inline with the shoeing and lameness issues of today, Thay have helped me with my everyday shoeing and my more complicated remedial shoeing. And for me it has enabled My business to keep abreast of all the new thinking and techniques. I have known Mark for over 20 years plus, and thoe his understanding is so far advanced, he still manages For Me to understand his scientific thinking and study’s.

I’ve never not been able to ask a question no matter how trivial, I’m very busy at home like everybody else so I have now become very selective to the lectures and clinics I go to. Dr Mark Caldwell is my go to farrier When I need ideas or confirmation of what I’m thinking regards shoeing.

Adrian Devereux A.W.C.F

East Sussex

Alex Sharmen nominated my horse, Summer, to attend the farrier clinic at ILPH Belwade on 8th 9th November 2019.
Summer had had intermittent lameness, vets had been unable to find anything wrong and until I changed to Alex nor had the farriers. We arrived during farrier lunch and Mark made us very welcome.

From the outset the event was professional, informative and open. It was a teaching clinic where the farriers were taught
by getting them to focus on the history of the horse, confirmation and movement of the horse. Challenging the farriers and encouraging them to apply their learning and experience.

Mark was friendly, open and encouraging, willingly sharing his knowledge with both the Farrier’s and the clients. The event was inclusive and there was a good atmosphere. I’d recommend his clinics to both farriers and their clients. Since the clinic my horse has been fully sound.

Donald Nicol AWCF


I have known of Dr. Mark Caldwell for most of my 34 years as a farrier. I had the honour to meet him personally 5 years
ago and have made all possible attempts to attend any event that he was lecturing at.<br>I have heard him present 6 or 7
times and made the trip from Ontario, Canada, to North Carolina October 24th, 2019, for a 2-day lecture and practical hands-on clinic.

On the first day, a classroom type presentation, Mark used visual and live analogies (I myself was used for a live demonstration by Mark in Cincinnati at the International Hoofcare Summit in January 2019) to impress upon us a variety
of concerns and consequences regarding balance and support.

The sessions were incredibly educational and informative with Mark’s passion to educate very clear.

Steve McConnell AFA, OFA, FITS Certified Farrier

Ontario Canada

As organizer of a clinic on the 8/9th November 2019 I would just like to say how professional and well presented the clinic was. There was a great atmosphere with good discussion about the cases”.

We had great feedback from the public who brought horses for the clinic.

Susan Hey

I first met Dr. Caldwell, FWCF in May of 2011. He stayed here at my home with my wife and I while he was in Colorado teaching. I am forever in debt to him for the enormous impact that he has had on my career.

Since our meeting in 2011 I have attended several of his clinics and I again hosted Dr. Caldwell in the Summer of 2018. He is an outstanding teacher and has always received the utmost respect from his fellow farriers at the clinics I have been a part of.
Dr. Caldwell has a unique teaching style that keeps his audience engaged while also encouraging his participants to think
on a deeper level.

His antics are light hearted and equally disbursed amongst both men and women. I look forward to hosting Dr. Caldwell again in the near future.

Jason Critton CJF, TE

Colorado USA