Affiliate Organisation Level Courses

Scientific horseshoeing certification and qualification revision courses.

Scientific Horseshoeing has developed Hoof Care courses begin at Elementary level continuing through Intermediate level and progressing to Advanced Level Farriery and Hoof Care. The courses are aimed at students who are passionate about Equine Care and are motivated to learn and apply foot trimming protocols working through all levels to become competent Farrier and Equine hoof Care Practitioner. Each course level builds on a sound foundation of knowledge, ranging from basic surface anatomy to deep anatomy focusing on form and function through to gait analysis and amelioration of common foot ailments.

The three levels Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced are delivered by experienced Hoof Care Practitioners. With extensive practical experience of all equine related injuries and pathological diseases, their backgrounds are related to the advancement of Equine Hoof Care through evidence-based research. The advanced level has an element that orients the student towards scientific evidence based research. The courses are run over a six  periods (weekly or monthly) with work based projects and practical tasks. Will attend six two day instructional periods during which the course knowledge and practical instruction will be delivered. Practical assessments, feedback and orientation to progress will be undertaken to guide the student to success. Culminating in a formal pass or fail end of course assessment.

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