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“Bite Me” Essential Fundamentals of Farriery

Bite Me”  Essential Fundamentals of Farriery are bite sized video sessions designed as a fundamental foundation  of any farriery related career. 

Scientific Horse Shoeing Essential Fundamentals of Farriery, a subject specific structured learning  tool. 32 individual Videos intended to provide  potential farriers with a structured  individual underpinning knowledge learning plan. Subjects include Exam Technique, Anatomy, Physiology, Osteology and Common lameness all  essential topics. Intended as a structured learning tool,  32 video  lessons split into 6 sessions containing 5 lessons with two supplementary videos. Integral to a six week  structured  balanced study plan, Essential Fundamentals can be reviewed sequentially or just browsed as required  reviewing the course content  in a bite sized  structure ensuring solid theory development.