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Farriery Development Course Rome

About this course

Affiliate Certification Course

The courses are aimed at students who are passionate about Farriery and Equine Care and are motivated to learn and apply foot trimming and shoeing protocols working through all levels to become  certified by achieving an internationally recognised qualification in Farriery or as an Equine hoof Care Practitioner.

The course is over 100 hours of on line study with learning materials delivered by PowerPoint lecture, tutorial video and individual tutorials. The course is supported by a number of on campus workshops where appropriate.

The course relies heavily on current veterinary nomenclature and terminology necessary for passing accredited examinations.

Course Overview

Introduction to practice and principle of the Scientific Horseshoeing Affiliate Course

Anatomy and physiology of the equine limb and foot

• Dissection of morbid specimen

• Conformation assessment

• The effect of varied conformation on the equine gait conformation

• Foot biomechanics statics and dynamics

• Introduction to radiographs

• Statics and dynamics of the horses movement in relation to the equine hoof

• Biomechanical foot balance

• Applied trimming protocols

• Foot ailments and their effect on the hoof biomechanics

• Trimming for foot ailments in relation to their effect on the hoof biomechanics

• Pathological diseases and their effects on the hoof biomechanics

• Trimming for pathological diseases that affect foot biomechanics

• Hoof Care Case studies (subject to be chosen by student)

• Recorded hoof care portfolio evidence

• Tool maintenance

• Intermediate written and practical assessment.

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