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The Flying Anvil Foundation’s goal is to respond to a lack of knowledge and training in farriery in regions where needs are greatest. Over one half of the world’s population is still dependent on animal traction for farming, bearing water, and the transport of food, people, and materials.  

In certain regions of the world, equines are suffering from unsatisfactory hoof-care as a direct result of a lack in knowledge due to underdevelopment of the farriery profession. The Flying Anvil works tirelessly with educating farriers, veterinarians and horse owners on best hoof-care practices and has held workshops and training schemes in 27 countries spanning 4 continents.

As a direct result of the current pandemic Scientific Horseshoeing has teamed up with The Flying Anvil Foundation to create a virtual learning environment for students in India. The course curriculum contains video lectures covering a range of diverse subjects including anatomy and physiology of the limb and foot, conformation and movement, hoof trimming protocols and equine assessment. The first 2-week block consists of 25 lectures spread over a two-week period and will be supported by practical demonstrations on the ground by local teachers and support teams who have completed previous Flying Anvil Courses.

With the aid of commercial partners, The Shoeing Lab Limited, Mondial Horseshoe Nails, Fifpe Horseshoe Factory and The Horseshoe Sop Limited Scientific Horseshoeing will fulfill a need for basic knowledge and understanding in basic farriery skills in areas around the globe where formal training is not currently available, hopefully improving equine welfare.

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