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Currently, the equestrian sector is evolving relentlessly towards greater professionalization. From breeding to marketing, through stable staff, the trainer, to para professionals and of course the farrier, more and more professional training is required, which will result in an effective development of the sector throughout the world. The constant increase in the number of horses, but above all in their quality, has generated a great demand, still unmet, for good farriers who can, from birth to the end of their sports career, keep the horse’s hooves and limbs in a state optimal well-being. The use of new technologies and our enormous teaching experience in this profession allow us to deliver a high quality course in record time, which will allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding and enhance your business prospects.

Scientific Horseshoeing has developed a range of roll on roll off Hoof Care courses beginning at Elementary level continuing through Intermediate level and progressing to Advanced Level Hoof Care with theoretical elements designed to be delivered on line in order that students can study specific subject areas at their own pace.The courses are aimed at students who are passionate about Equine Care and are motivated to learn and apply foot trimming protocols working through all levels to become competent Equine hoof Care Practitioners.Each course level builds on a sound foundation of knowledge, ranging from basic surface anatomy to deep anatomy focusing on form and function through to gait analysis and amelioration of common foot ailments.

Elementary Level Courses

Intermediate Level Courses

Advanced Level Courses

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