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5. Pre Course Written Assessment

Examination Assessment Criteria

Click Here to download exam skills key word defenitions PDF
Click Here to download examination technique written PDF 

Click Here to download your Assessment Document

Please download your assessment document above and save it to an area on your device.  Open the Assessment Document and answer all questions to the best of your ability and upload the document into the (Red Assignments) area below.

To Upload your completed Document:
Click on the (Grey Coloured) button that is labelled “Browse“. When you click this button it will open up your file navigation folder on your device.
Navigate to your fully completed assessment document and select the file and click either “OK or “Open“. This is dependand on the device you are using.
If you have followed the instructions carefully you will now see the document alongside the “Browse” button.
The “Upload” buton will  now be visible. Click this button and wait until the file is uploaded.
Once your file is uploaded you may continue onto the next module.