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Are You FRC Complaint Ready?

Do you know your rights and the procedures when facing investigation by the FRC?

Do you understand how to keep to respond to FRC’s initial contacts?

Do you understand what simple records you should keep to avoid further action?

Scientific Horseshoeing in Association with “Equigate & KMC Legal” Present an interactive webinar for UK registered farriers only.

We will be asking the team for best advice on some current thorny regulatory issues:

Q. How should you respond to an initial FRC enquiry relating to a complaint made against you?

Q. Should I seek immediate legal advice before responding to an allegation against me ?

Q. What are my rights under law in respect of allegations of professional misconduct?

Q. What is the difference in standards of proof between criminal and civil? How does that affect my rights under regulatory investigation?

Q. Should I have standardised terms & conditions of service? How would I make them binding?

Q. Does professional indemnity insurance cover legal costs to defend allegations of professional misconduct?

Q. How & why are the contents social media posts related to accusations of professional misconduct?

Q. Why do I have to disclose criminal convictions for motoring offences such as drink driving? Why are the regulator seemingly able to jeopardize my fundamental right to earn a living by removing my name from the register based on such self-disclosure?

Q. How can I avoid potential disciplinary action by keeping records? What records should I keep? Is record keeping a cumbersome time-consuming administrative function?

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