“Through The Eyes” Functional Equine Anatomy & Shoeing for Pathologies

 ‘Through the Eyes’ Saturday 16th September

We periodically host live clinics & events including webinars . If you would like to host a live clinic contact us directly. If you have a suggestion for a webinar or clinics you would like us to try and organise, send us a request.

Trim & Make 2 Fit Clinic

Unit 4, 277 Crewe Rd, Haslington, Cheshire, Crewe CW1 5RU, United Kingdom Unit 4, 277 Crewe Road, Haslington, Cheahire, United Kingdom

Repetitionspeed and accuracy come from repetitionSharing Knowledgethe most effective learning toolPractice, Practiceand then practice some moreGuided Tuitionall learning is self learning No Gain Without Painthink of ease but work on […]