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AWCF Preparatory Training Course

£200.00 / month for 10 months

The course structure will develop the applicants academic and practical skills to formulate a strategy to ameliorate and compliment dysfunction and deficiencies by the execution and application of appropriate practical farriery protocols. Accurate assessment and preparation of the hoof combined in equal measure with the production, by hot forging, of a specific range of designed horseshoes with biomechanical influence as a base of selection in mitigating dysfunction and disease pathologies.

This approach that will be delivered by the means of blended learning. Online electronic learning materials for underpinning academia. Narrated Power Points Videos and supporting workbooks and literature and face to face practical sessions encompassing shoemaking, foot dressing, fitting nail and finish and modern materials for higher qualifications.

  • Blended online and on site learning
  • On site shoemaking
  • 10 monthly forge sessions
  • Buy as bundle or spread the payment