AWCF Preparatory Training Course Oct2021

£200.00 / month for 10 months

The Art and Science of farriery is loaded by qualifying examinations for the purpose of license and qualifying higher achievement.


The Art and Science of farriery is loaded by qualifying examinations for the purpose of license and qualifying higher achievement.

The craft demands comprehensive understanding, facilitating the precise production and application of shoes in relation to detailed and accurate assessment and preparation of the hoof. Intended to influence and complement deficiencies of function, dynamic movement, and conformation as an ascendency of biomechanical demand and environment.

The highest technical certificate within the UK Farriery Education System, the Associate Of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (AWCF) is valued throughout the Worlds Farriery Community as a most prestigious qualifications to attain.

The subsequent progression from level 3 thinking DipWCF to Level 4 AWCF demands in-depth academic study in order to fortify a comprehensive understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, in addition to thorough knowledge of causes signs and symptoms of pathologies of diseases and mechanical dysfunction.

Ultimately the course structure will develop the applicants academic and practical skills to formulate a strategy to ameliorate and compliment dysfunction and deficiencies by the execution and application of appropriate practical farriery protocols. Accurate assessment and preparation of the hoof combined in equal measure with the production, by hot forging, of a specific range of designed horseshoes with biomechanical influence as a base of selection in mitigating dysfunction and disease pathologies.

Course content prepares the candidate to meet the demands of the AWCF examination head on with a structured training approach that will be delivered by the means of blended learning. Online electronic learning materials for underpinning academia. Narrated Power Points Videos and supporting workbooks and literature and face to face practical sessions encompassing shoemaking, foot dressing, fitting nail and finish and modern materials for higher qualifications. The course is delivered online with   ten theory sessions released monthly,   at a cost of £1000. Subsequent,  10 monthly practical Forge sessions £500 and Monthly online live video tutorials £500 making a total of £2000 paid by 10 easy monthly installments. 

AWCF Preparatory Training Course

AWCF Exam Demands
The AWCF examination is conducted in modules Farriery Practical, Farrier knowledge.

Modules may be taken in any order. On passing the first module candidates are required to attempt the second module within the next two examination sessions i.e. within approximately one year. A module once passed is valid for three years.

Knowledge module
The written paper, the question paper will be divided into 3 sections and will comprise of 6 questions a total of five questions must be answered.

The sections contain the following subjects: –

Anatomy, candidates are expected to name the parts shown and identify the areas affected by nominated conditions candidates are required to be fully conversant with the complete skeletal structure of the equine.

Physiology, candidates are required to demonstrate a knowledge of the biomechanical relationship between the anatomical structures of the limb and the pathology of conditions affecting the limb and the foot.

Farriery knowledge, candidates are required to demonstrate a knowledge of how Farriery can affect gait and conditions of the limb and foot.

Live horse assessment and diagnostic imagery, candidates are to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of static and dynamic confirmation assessment of one of the number of horses. They will be required to discuss a detailed shooting plan for the given horse taking into consideration the candidates own observations during the assessment a scenario will be provided by the examiners

Practical Module
Shoe Board, consisting of the candidates each candidate is required to present 10 shoes from a list of specified shoes, addended in WCF Syllabus made prior to the examination.

Live shoeing and shoemaking, the candidate is to make fit and nail a straight bar shoe onto 1 front foot and one hind foot of one side of the horse, both from steel, with variations as instructed by the examiner.

Candidates are expected to be able to make and fit to the required standard any of the shoes specified on the list of horseshoe designated within the syllabus all of this must be done with the industry standard designated time.

Candidates may be asked to repeat or make shoes additional to the 10 exhibition shoes produced for the examination. Tool and fullered of shoes will not be required but nonferrous metals are permissible subject to the approval of examiner. All shoes must be made from the original bar stock on the day.

Modern Farriery, candidates are to have sufficient theoretical under knowledge to support their practical work ,be able to discuss and may be required to perform hoof curettage normally on a morbid specimen or to demonstrate who prepare or any other practical family treatment including glue on shoes.

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