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CPD Package 2024

£25.00 / month for 10 months

Engaging in Continuing Professional Development for farriers ensures that skills and knowledge do not become out-dated or obsolete

This allows individuals to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ regardless of age or educational level.

In this years CPD programme brings you a host of video tutorials on the causes, symptoms and farriery treatment protocols for a number of common pathologies including:- Navicular syndrome – Laminitis – Quarter Hoof Cracks.

In addition, past webinar recordings by internationally renowned speakers including:- Professor Mike Savoldi “Are common Foot Pathologies Predictive”, Jason Critton CJF of Colorado USA on “Shoeing the Sports horse for artificial arena surfaces”, Dr; Mark Caldwell discussing “The Use of inshore Prosthetics” and The Hoof Architect webinar on “recognising and managing conformation and posture”.

Along with sessions covering anatomy and physiology of the thoracic limb. Remember the full CPD course meets your total annual CPD requirement, and a certificate will be supplied automatically on completion. We hope you enjoy this years programme.

Continuing Professional Development for farriers enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive. It is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of professional skills and proficiency throughout their careers.


  • The 20-hour CPD package fulfils your required 10 points for the year.
  • The package content is available over 10 months at a cost of £250
  • Payable in ten easy monthly instalments of £25 Per month.
  • Certificate issued on completion of course
  • You are able to watch each monthly lessons in order, now within your own time.
  • Use the ‘Mark Complete’ button below each lesson to be able to move on to the next lesson.