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FWCF Training Course

£125.00 / month for 18 months

Scientific Horseshoeing Advanced course preparation (FWCF) is designed to guide you through the rigors of learning and applying newfound skill sets in academia to produce a credible dissertation for presentation and discussion by virtue of the WCF FWCF Examination.

Dissertation skills will encompass critical appraisal of articles, literature, technical papers, and practical work. Writing in a recognised scientific form. Designing experiments that have set parameters and scope that are also repeatable. As well as collecting and analysing the statistical results from collected data.

Farriery takes on a whole new meaning when focusing on a dissertation that centres on a devised experiment complimented by your own mastered practical technical skills learnt during your AWCF development and subsequently built on.

The course is delivered over an 18 Month period online. Students will have access to all farriery courses power points and session materials currently on the Scientific Horseshoeing site.

The Advanced sessions are released bi-monthly with one-to-one personal bi-monthly online tutorials. Practical tuition would attract an additional fee.

  • 9 sessions.
  • Delivered over an 18 Month period
  • Sessions released bi-monthly
  • One to one Personal bi-monthly tutorials