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Shoeing Sports Horses for Artificial Footing (Part1)

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Artificial surfaces are one of the single greatest challenge in sport horse farriery today is our ability to adapt to the surfaces that are horses are working on.In this downloadable recording of our interactive webinar renowned american sports horse farrier Jason Critton CJF. This tutoria (part 1) l is based on Shoeing Sports Horses for Artificial Footing which have influenced farriery protocols and are considered by many to contribute to changes in the mechanics of the stance phase of the stride that subsequently may contribute to some common injuries. Highly recomended.

In the tutorial Jasdon discusses how farriery has to adapt shoeing plans to maximise performance on different artificial footings. Over the two webinars with Jason Critton and the Scientific Horseshoeing team will focus on three main questions,

What is synthetic footing?
What are the challenges that it creates?
How can we as farriers address the needs of the horses in our care that train and compete on a synthetic surface?