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Therapeutic Farriery, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine Pra: Volume 28-2 (The Clinics: Veterinary Medicine, Volume 28-2) by Stephen E. O’Grady (Author)

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A comprehensive review of Therapeutic Farriery for the equine practitioner! Topics include: the importance of therapeutic farriery in equine practice, the biomechanics of the equine foot as it pertains to farriery, equine imaging: the framework for applying therapeutic farriery, the basics of farriery as a prelude to therapeutic farriery, therapeutic farriery: A veterinarian’s perspective, therapeutic farriery: a farrier’s prospective, farriery for the hoof with a low or under run heel, farriery for the hoof with sheared heels, disease of the hoof capsule: infections, white line disease, keratomas and canker, therapeutic farriery for the young horse, farriery for the hoof with a high heel or club foot, glue-on technology as a means to implement therapeutic farriery, understanding the mechanisms that leads to hoof capsule distortions as a basis for rational management, farriery for hoof wall defects: quarter cracks and toe cracks, treating laminitis: beyond the mechanics of trimming and shoeing, and more!

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