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advice and support on a range of farriery / hoof care matters

This service is designed for farriers faced with an ever increasingly complex horseshoeing environment. In today’s modern world where the weight of expectation for rapid results in complicated lameness issues we may be able to offer advice and support that over 40 years of experience working in veterinary hospitals and teaching environments can bring to  the  understanding of various treatment options to aid your decision making process.

In addition we can offer case reports and professional opinions on treatment actions carried out by you to date. The benefit of second opinion by our highly qualified team of professionals may help mitigate indemnity under difficult regulatory scrutiny. If you are currently subject to investigation by the regulatory body as a result of a complaint this can be an extremely distressing time. The worry of loosing your livelihood can affect you health and mental well being. A professional second opinion report may be of benefit. We are here to help wherever that is possible. Contact us for an initial free and confidential discussion.

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