Are common foot pathologies predictable – Part 2 (Mike Savoldi)


Ever wondered what the odds are for horses with poor foot conformation developing pathologies such as navicular of coffin joint arthritis?

Purhcase our downlaodable webinar recording with Mike Savoldi to help broaden your knowledge!

Join Professor Michael Savoldi & Dr. Mark Caldwell in Discussion in our downloadable webinar recording over 3 parts.

Should P3 Always Have A Positive Palmar Angle?

Should The Wall Be Trimmed To The Horizontal Plane Of The Sole Body?

What Is The Optimum Trimming Paradigm For Scientific Data Analysis Of Farriery Interventions?

How does hoof hoof capsule proportionality affect the odds of developing career threatening lamenesses?

How is the pathophysiology of the foot compromised by less than ideal foot conformation?

Do the current assumptions of ideal foot balance hold true?

Join us in discussion whilst we explore the validity of some of the theories surrounding ideal foot conformation and alignment

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