The Shoeing Lab Apprentice Club

The Shoeing Lab Limited are the global educational partner of “Scientific Horseshoeing Burning to Learn”. Educational courses and information down load resources, together with Scientific Horseshoeing, The Shoeing Lab is offering UK registered apprentices the opportunity of unlimited access to elementary course materials including revision notes, PowerPoint lectures, tutorial support, written Q&A diploma papers, feed back and tutorial training videos in addition to hands on examination preparation clinics held either at The Shoeing Lab or Scientific Horseshoeings’ secret location workshop.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity subscribe and register for The Shoeing Lab Apprentice Club for just £15.00 per month. Once your registration has been accepted you’ll receive a whole host of free stuff from The Lab, including 2 free down load e-books,  Scientific forging tools including a roadster fuller or plain stamp, a MoreSport T-Shirt and Jacket and a trophy or shoeing lab quality knife made from high tensile H2 tool steel.

As well as the offers above all UK registered apprentices will recieve access to 2 online courses:

Just some of the great free benefits of membership of The Shoeing Lab Apprentice Club.

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