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Recordings of our interactive webinar discussing the hypotheses, fabrication and application of ‘inshoe’ inserts to manipulate force for mechanical advantage and the farriery treatment plans are now available to purchase. (Scientific Horseshoeing – Video Tutorials)

The first in a series of webinars, from Scientific Horseshoeing (Scientific Horseshoeing), hosted by DR. Mark Caldwell FWCF, which will feature sessions on Anatomy with Paul Conroy BSc (Hons) AWCF and Fabrication with Peter Peers Dip WCF farrier tools.

And our guest speak for the evening; Jenny Hagen, DVM, PhD, CF, is a veterinarian, re­searcher and certified farrier. She is in private practice for equine ortho­pedics and chiropractic. She is a mem­ber of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Leipzig University in Ger­many.

The sessions will focus on farriery considerations for application of this type of treatment modality.

Follow the links below to purchase your copy today!

Session 1 – Featuring Paul Conroy BSc (Hons) AWCF and DR Mark Caldwell FWCF; Anatomy and Physiology

Session 2 – Featuring Jenny Hagen, DVM, PhD, CF

Session 3 – Featuring DR. Mark Caldwell FWCF, Peter Peers Dip WCF farrier tools and Kelvin Lymer DWCF